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This Domogik plugin Karotz text_to_speech management is an external service provide by an OpenKarotz

Plugin configuration


In Domogik administration section, go to client plugin-notify details page.

Key Default value Description
startup-plugin false Automatically start plugin at Domogik startup

Creating devices for nabaztag

In clients page of admin UI, go to plugin-nabaztag-<your_host_domogik>, select tab “Devices”, “New” to create your devices.

Chose one way creation by product or device type.

device_types : karotz

Key Example Description
Device my Karotz The display name for this device.
Description What you want A short description for this device.
Reference What you want A Reference for this device.
address 192.168.x.xx Ip address of you karotz
voice voice=claire Karotz voice.
Global to